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[2020.10] latest Oracle Cloud Exam Dumps and tips?

The most popular Oracle Cloud Practice question and tips.
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[2020.10] Popular Oracle 1z0-1072 exam practice questions(1-5)

Your company has decided to move a few applications to Oracle Cloud and you have been asked to design it for both
High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR). Which two should you consider while designing your Oracle Cloud
Infrastructure architecture? (Choose two.)
A. Region
B. Instance Shape
C. Compartments
D. Availability Domain
Correct Answer: AD


Which two options are true for the Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP) database? (Choose two.)
A. You can add/remove Diskgroup in ATP
B. You can scale storage up or down in ATP
C. You can scale CPU up or down in ATP
D. You can add more Pluggable Database for consolidating multiple databases in ATP
E. You can add new ORACLE_HOME for bringing older versions of on-premises databases to ATP
Correct Answer: BC
You can scale up/down your Autonomous Database to scale both in terms of computing and storage only when needed,

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