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Your company requires positive username attribution of every IP address used by wireless devices to support a new
compliance requirement. You must collect IP -to-user mappings as soon as possible with minimal downtime and
minimal configuration changes to the wireless devices themselves. The wireless devices are from various
Given the scenario, choose the option for sending IP-to-user mappings to the NGFW.
A. Syslog
C. UID redistribution
D. XFF headers
Correct Answer: A


Users from the internal zone need to be allowed to Telnet into a server in the DMZ zone.
Complete the security policy to ensure only Telnet is allowed.
Security Policy: Source Zone: Internal to DMZ Zone __________services “Application defaults”, and action = Allow
A. Destination IP:
B. Application = `Telnet\\’
C. Log Forwarding
D. USER-ID = `Allow users in Trusted\\’
Correct Answer: B


Given the image, which two options are true about the Security policy rules. (Choose two.)lead4pass pcnsa exam questions q3

A. The Allow Office Programs rule is using an Application Filter
B. In the Allow FTP to web server rule, FTP is allowed using App-ID
C. The Allow Office Programs rule is using an Application Group
D. In the Allow Social Networking rule allows all of Facebook\\’s functions
Correct Answer: BC


A network has 10 domain controllers, multiple WAN links, and network infrastructure with the bandwidth needed to
support mission-critical applications. Given the scenario, which type of User-ID agent is considered a best practice by
Palo Alto Networks?
A. Windows-based agent on a domain controller
B. Captive Portal
C. Citrix terminal server with adequate data-plane resources
D. PAN-OS integrated agent
Correct Answer: A


How is the hit count reset on a rule?
A. select a security policy rule, right-click Hit Count > Reset
B. with a data plane reboot
C. Device > Setup > Logging and Reporting Settings > Reset Hit Count
D. in the CLI, type command reset hitcount
Correct Answer: A


Based on the security policy rules shown, ssh will be allowed on which port?lead4pass pcnsa exam questions q6

A. 80
B. 53
C. 22
D. 23
Correct Answer: C


Complete the statement. A security profile can block or allow traffic.
A. on unknown-TCP or unknown-UDP traffic
B. after it is evaluated by a security policy that allows traffic
C. before it is evaluated by a security policy
D. after it is evaluated by a security policy that allows or blocks traffic
Correct Answer: D


Order the steps needed to create a new security zone with a Palo Alto Networks firewall.lead4pass pcnsa exam questions q8

Correct Answer:

lead4pass pcnsa exam questions q8-1


Which statement is true regarding a Prevention Posture Assessment?
A. The Security Policy Adoption Heatmap component filters the information by device groups, serial numbers, zones,
areas of architecture, and other categories
B. It provides a set of questionnaires that help uncover security risk prevention gaps across all areas of the network and
security architecture
C. It provides a percentage of adoption for each assessment area
D. It performs over 200 security checks on Panorama/firewall for the assessment
Correct Answer: B


Which service protects cloud-based applications such as Dropbox and Salesforce by administering permissions and
scanning files for sensitive information?
A. Aperture
B. AutoFocus
C. Panorama
D. GlobalProtect
Correct Answer: A


An administrator notices that protection is needed for traffic within the network due to malicious lateral movement
activity. Based on the image shown, which traffic would the administrator need to monitor and block to mitigate the
malicious activity?lead4pass pcnsa exam questions q11

A. branch office traffic
B. north-south traffic
C. perimeter traffic
D. east-west traffic
Correct Answer: D


How often does WildFire release dynamic updates?
A. every 5 minutes
B. every 15 minutes
C. every 60 minutes
D. every 30 minutes
Correct Answer: A


Which security policy rule would be needed to match traffic that passes between the Outside zone and Inside zone, but
does not match traffic that passes within the zones?
A. intrazone
B. interzone
C. universal
D. global
Correct Answer: B

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