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Which of the following commands shows all active systemd timers?
A. systemctl-timer show
B. timectl list
C. systemctl -t
D. systemctl list-timers
E. timeq
Correct Answer: D


FILL BLANK What command is used to add OpenSSH private keys to a running ssh-agent instance? (Specify the
command name only without any path.)
Correct Answer: ssh-add


Which standardized TCP port is used by HTTPS services?
A. 25
B. 80
C. 8080
D. 443
E. 636
Correct Answer: D


What can be specified with useradd? (Choose two.)
A. Commands the user can run using sudo.
B. The absolute path to the user\\’s home directory.
C. Which printers are available for the new user.
D. The SSH keys used to login to the new account.
E. The numeric user ID (UID) of the user.
Correct Answer: BE


Which of the following files assigns a user to its primary group?
A. /etc/pgroup
B. /etc/shadow
C. /etc/passwd
D. /etc/group
E. /etc/gshadow
Correct Answer: C


Which command makes the shell variable named VARIABLE visible to subshells?
A. export $VARIABLE
E. export VARIABLE
Correct Answer: E


FILL BLANK Which command included in systemd supports selecting messages from the systemd journal by criteria
such as time or unit name? (Specify only the command without any path or parameters.)
Correct Answer: journalctl

Which mechanism does ssh use to interact with the SSH agent?
A. Connecting to port 2222 which is used by the system-wide SSH agent.
B. Using the fixed socket .ssh-agent/ipc.
C. Creating an alias replacing ssh with calls to ssh-agent.
D. Starting ssh-agent as a child process for each ssh invocation.
E. Evaluating environment variables such as SSH_AUTH_SOCK.
Correct Answer: E


Depending on a system\\’s configuration, which of the following files can be used to enable and disable network services
running on this host?
A. /etc/profile
B. /etc/xinetd.conf
C. /etc/ports
D. /etc/services
E. /etc/host.conf
Correct Answer: D


If neither cron.allow nor cron.deny exist in /etc/, which of the following is true?
A. Without additional configuration, all users may create user specific crontabs.
B. Without additional configuration, only root may create user specific crontabs.
C. The cron daemon will refuse to start and report missing files in the system\\’s logfile.
D. When a user creates a user specific crontab the system administrator must approve it explicitly.
E. The default settings of /etc/crond.conf define whether or not user specific crontabs are generally allowed or not.
Correct Answer: E


How many IP addresses can be used for unique hosts inside the IPv4 subnet
A. 6
B. 14
C. 30
D. 62
E. 126
Correct Answer: D


On a Linux workstation, the route command takes a long time before printing out the routing table. Which of the
following errors does that indicate?
A. The local routing information may be corrupted and must be re-validated using a routing protocol.
B. One of the routers in the routing table is not available which causes the automatic router failure detection mechanism
(ARF-D) to wait for a timeout.
C. There may accidentally be more than one default router in which case a default router election has to be done on the
network in order to choose one router as the default.
D. The Linux Kernel Routing Daemon (LKRD) is not running and should be started using its init script or systemd unit.
E. DNS resolution may not be working as route by default tries to resolve names of routers and destinations and may
run into a timeout.
Correct Answer: E


What is true about the following command?
nmcli device wifi connect WIFIoI
A. NetworkManager opens a new public hotspot with the SSID WIFIoI.
B. NetworkManager creates an unconfigured new virtual network interface named WIFIoI.
C. NetworkManager creates a new wifi connection WIFIoI and activates it.
D. NetworkManager returns an error in case the connection WIFIoI does not exist.
E. NetworkManager returns an error because WIFIoI is an invalid wifi device.
Correct Answer: C

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