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700-651 exam

The presales engineer is responsible for Collaboration Architecture solution planning and design. This individual possesses both business and technical skills and understands customer business needs and issues, business processes, and transformation. Follow the link to find more information about exam.

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Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialization Requirements:

Free Cisco 700-651 Exam Practice Questions

Which ability do today\\’s collaboration solutions offer to organizations?
A. to compartmentalize participants into unique meeting experiences
B. to separate video, audio, and web participants into multiple meeting experiences
C. to integrate video, audio, and web participants into single, unified meeting experience
D. to migrate audio participants to video participants in a specific meeting experience
Correct Answer: C

Which Cisco platform provides all of the applications and integrations that other vendors have built?
A. Hybrid Media Services
B. Cisco API and Bot Plan
C. Spark Depot Marketplace
D. Cisco Spark Flex Plan
Correct Answer: C

Which step is the first in a converged architecture strategy and assessment?
A. Conduct network assessment based on KPIs.
B. Identify architecture gaps.
C. Apply benchmark metrics.
D. Perform business and technical analysis of infrastructure.
Correct Answer: C

Which type of licensing has Cisco historically used for its products?
A. single-use licenses
B. enterprise-based licenses
C. device-based licenses
D. user-based licenses
Correct Answer: C

Which option does a Cisco Experience-Centric solution enable?
A. building incremental value from current offerings
B. adding value to investments already made
C. integrating with infrastructures, devices, and services
D. consistent experience across devices and applications
Correct Answer: D

For which purpose was the Cisco Spark Flex Plan designed?
A. to simplify the transition to cloud-based collaboration solutions
B. to simplify the transition to hybrid-based collaboration solutions
C. to simplify the transition to all collaboration solutions
D. to simplify the transition to premises-based collaboration solutions
Correct Answer: A

Which option does team collaboration refer to?
A. all tools that allow members of a team single outlets for collaboration together on projects
B. specific and limited tools that allow members of a team multiple outlets for collaboration together in projects
C. specific tools that allow members of a team multiple outlets for storing isolated content on projects
D. all tools that allow members of a team multiple outlets for collaboration together on projects
Correct Answer: D

Which description of the purpose of activity-based working spaces is true?
A. faster frequent interaction and collaboration among individuals and teams
B. for more formal and important discussions and decision making
C. bringing access to information and collaboration tools closer to the point of work
D. adoption of personal video and telepresence units
Correct Answer: A

Which Cisco product is a premised-based, cloud-managed telephone platform that targets the SMB market for partner
recurring revenue?
A. Cisco Hybrid Media Services
B. Cisco Hybrid Business Edition 6000
C. Cisco Spark Flex Plan
D. Cisco Business Edition 4000
Correct Answer: D

Why does the millennial generation have a different perspective and expectation on how work is approached?
A. They can relate better to people that other generations.
B. They grew up with the Internet and technology.
C. They have always worked in team environments.
D. They know more about the global economy.
Correct Answer: B

Which action can increase the bottom line and add value to the customer?
A. Offer 24 hour TAC support free of charge.
B. Offer a Cisco Software Services contract.
C. Offer unlimited warranties on all equipment.
D. Offer a discount for referrals.
Correct Answer: B

How many devices does the Cisco UCL Enhanced Plus support?
A. 10
B. 5
C. 2
D. 1
Correct Answer: C

Which type of travel spending is categorized as good spending?
A. noncontributing travel
B. revenue-generating expenses
C. external travel
D. internal travel
Correct Answer: B

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